Zumba Toning

Zumba Toning

What happens when you introduce weighted maracas to the ultimate Latin fitness party? Zumba Toning!

 What is Zumba Toning?

Incorporating light-weight resistance techniques, and using Zumba’s own maraca-like toning sticks, this program helps you sculpt and tone your body AND you still get to shake it to all your favourite world rhythms. Zumba Toning is also a great program to help you improve the muscle groups that affect your balance and posture, an all round win.

Do I need my own weights or toning sticks?

No sticks? No problem! We have Zumba Toning sticks available for use at all of our classes (small hire fee may be required). We even have a number of the heavier 2.5lb purple sticks as well as the standard 1lb green sticks.

I’m really uncoordinated in Zumba; I’ll be a health risk with sticks!

Nonsense! We keep all the fun of the regular Zumba program, but because of the introduction of our friends, the toning sticks, the pace is generally a little slower, with the focus more on the muscle toning moves than high-intensity cardio dances. This gives you more time to think about what foot is going where, with which arm and in what direction. It also gives us time to use conscious contraction, a technique we utilise in the Zumba Toning program to help really work the muscles. All this means is that we give a little focus to the muscle or muscle group we are working, creating a conscious awareness of the movements, contractions and extensions of those muscles, which in turn helps us work them harder.