Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold

Is this an ‘advanced’ version of Zumba?

Quite the opposite! Zumba Gold brings all those world rhythms and the easy-to-follow choreography to those who need to take things a little easier.

So it’s Zumba for the older people?

Yes, but not exclusively. Whether you are taking your first steps into fitness, have a condition that limits your range of movement or impact, or are an older person looking to stay active and healthy, this is the program for you. Always keeping one foot on the ground, our Zumba Gold choreography eliminates any high impact steps, jumps, or just downright complicated choreography. Instead our classes offer fun, simple to follow routines to all the world rhythms you’d expect to hear in any Zumba class, as well as the occasional sing-a-long favourite, and our instructors provide plenty of modifications to the movements to allow anyone to join the party.

Simon Keay - Zumba - 11/8/2012But I still have 2 left feet and I get out of breath easily/can’t move for long periods of time!


No problem! We build in a few pit stops into our playlists using a combination of longer pauses between tracks and short breaks to catch your breath and grab a quick drink. Still need more rest time? Grab a chair and miss out a routine if you need to, or, better still, join in with the arms, legs or both from the chair and keep the muscles working. Dancing from a seated position will lessen the exertion on your cardio-vascular system, whilst still keeping the heart beating, blood pumping and muscles working. After all, even dancing in the chair beats sitting in front of the TV!