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August 8, 2014
Holiday Schedule
September 13, 2014

Whats Coming Up


It’s August Bank Holiday week, which means I’m actually writing this a little late and it is already Monday! Aside from classes being off today because of the holiday, the schedule is running as normal this week, with the following classes:



FitSteps                         09:30-10:30     £5.20   FitSteps Stokesley Leisure Centre

Zumba Gold                11:15-12:15        £4.00   Zumba Gold Egglescliffe Community Centre

Zumba                          18:00-18:45      £3.70   Zumba Egglescliffe Community Centre

FitSteps                         18:45-19:45      £4.00   Zumba Gold Egglescliffe Community Centre

FitSteps                         20:30-21:30     £5.20   FitSteps Stokesley Leisure Centre



Zumba                           09:30-10:30     £4.00   Zumba St Joseph’s Church, Stokesley

Zumba Gold                12:30-13:30      £4.00   Zumba Gold Norton Dance Centre


Zumba Gold                12:10-13:10       £4.00   Zumba Gold Elmwood Youth & Community Centre

FitSteps                         13:15-14:15       £4.00   FitSteps Elmwood Youth & Community Centre

Zumba Toning            14:15-14:45       £3.00   Zumba Toning Elmwood Youth & Community Centre

^ *Advanced booking required for this class* ^

FitSteps Basics            18:00-18:30     £3.00   FitSteps Basics (Jive) St John’s Church Centre

FitSteps                           18:30-19:30     £4.00   FitSteps St John’s Church Centre

Zumba                             20:30-21:30     £5.20   Zumba Stokesley Leisure Centre



Zumba                             09:10-09:55     £3.70   Zumba Egglescliffe Community Centre

Zumba Gold                 10:00-11:00     £4.00   Zumba Gold Egglescliffe Community Centre

Zumba                             18:30-19:30     £4.00   Zumba St John’s Church Centre



Zumba                             10:00-11:00     £5.20   Zumba Stokesley Leisure Centre

Zumba                             11:00-12:00     £5.20   Zumba Stokesley Leisure Centre



Zumba Toning             10:30-11:30     £5.20   Zumba Toning Stokesley Leisure Centre



Don’t forget our ongoing back2back class discount – take 2 consecutive classes and save £1 off the total price, take 3 classes and save £2.*


This week’s FitSteps basics class will be focusing on the basic steps and technique for the Jive, everybody’s favourite!


We also have our Summer Special running until 31st August. During the Summer holidays, we know having the kids can make it more difficult to get to your favourite classes, but this year, don’t let that be an obstacle! Bring your under 16s with you to take part in the class for just £1 each. No need to get them looked after and they’ll burn off some off that crazy Summer holiday energy.*


*class offers not valid at Stokesley Leisure Centre


Looking further ahead, we have lots of things to look forward to and for you to be aware of. Here’s a quick summary:


Wednesday 27th August is the date for our next Reiki Clinic. We have appointments available between 16:00 and 21:00 and the clinic will be held once more at Robert Atkinson Community Centre, Thorntree Road, Thornaby. Each hourly appointment will be charged at £25


Sunday 14th September the incredible Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) Donna Giffen is delivering a Zumba Masterclass at Thornaby Academy (that’s right, we have a big event happening on our home turf) from 18:30-20:00. Never before has an instructor of Donna’s calibre delivered a Masterclass in Teesside, so DO NOT miss this opportunity! Tickets are £10.90 each (early bird price) and available either through Simon or you can buy them direct from Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/zumba-masterclass-with-donna-giffen-14-september-2014-teesside-tickets-12367169537?aff=eorg


Christmas Parties!


As those who have been to class will know, our chritsmas events are booked and we are needing deposits in for whichever event you are coming to! Both events are taking place on Friday 5th December this year (I’m gonna suffer food baby for days!)


Gold Lunch


The annual Christmas lunch outing for Zumba Gold classes (and other invited classes) will be held at Teesside Golf Club in Thornaby once again this year. Whilst the menu and exact price are yet to be confirmed, last year the 3 course meal was about £18. Those wanting to come need get a £5 deposit in to us or Pat Pattison ASAP


Christmas Party


This year we have teamed up with Zumba Stokesley (instructors Alex Cornwall and Lou Wilkinson) for a joint booking at Marton Country Club on the night of the 5th December for a Grease & Dirty Dancing tribute night. The function runs from 19:30-01:00 and includes 3-course meal, entertainment and dancing for just £29.50. This is a public function, so in order to secure the places we have provisionally booked we need a £10 deposit per person by the end of this week. It’s going to be a fab night and great fun, so don’t miss out!!

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