“After attending two or three of your FitSteps classes it inspired me to become an instructor myself, which I did and now run my own classes. Thank you for that and hope you continue your inspiring good work with your natural enthusiasm”

Adele, Hutton Rudby

“After not exercising regularly for a number of years I joined the local leisure centre & decided to give Zumba a try – I was not convinced it was for me a first but after a couple of “attempts ” I was hooked. Through Simon’s classes I have made same amazing inspirational friends & my fitness levels are higher than they were 20 plus years ago!!”

 Louise, Stokesley

“I joined Simon’s Zumba fitness class to loose weight and get fit. He’s helped me feel more confident about myself and week after week I surprise myself at how much more I can physically do.  Thanks Simon.”

Nikki, Wynyard

I have been to a few of Simon’s Zumba classes and have always found them a great class to attend. Simon is a fantastic Zumba instructor and all the classes that I have been to I have really enjoyed. Would recommend these classes to anyone of any ability. 

Mark, Thornaby

It is hard to quantify the number of doors that finding Simon’s Zumba classes has opened for me.  Having spent the whole of my thirties overweight, very unhappy and hugely lacking in confidence and self-esteem, I was convinced that I would never be fit enough, or, indeed, brave enough to participate in an exercise class of any kind. My distant memory of exercise was the hideous, burning sensation that I felt in my chest when I trailed in last in cross-country at school.

Determined not to be fat and forty and having lost 50 pounds in weight, I needed a whole- lifestyle makeover. So, with great trepidation, I went to my first Zumba class in March 2013. My worries were unfounded and I have never looked back. The class was full of people of all ages, shapes and sizes –  from all walks of life –  and I found this so reassuring.  From the outset, Simon’s positivity, enthusiasm, energy and passion for dance was evident and highly infectious. I felt completely comfortable and happy in the class and  was  totally hooked!

Seventeen months on, I am still (devoutly!) attending Simon’s Zumba and FitSteps classes five times a week. I have gained a whole new circle of friends and we have had some wonderful, memorable times – both in class, at charity events  and socially.   My weight is stable and my blood pressure is back to the level that it was when I was 21. The girl who always came last in cross-country feels ready to take on the world.  Thank you, Simon!

Claire, Great Ayton

‘I attend five of Simon’s classes each week – FitSteps, Zumba toning and three Zumba sessions.  Participants of all ages and abilities are given a very warm welcome by Simon and fellow class members alike.

Zumba is a really fun and effective workout system.  The music and the routines really bring you alive and leave you feeling invigorated.

Zumba toning is the perfect way to tone arms, abs and thighs, helping to build muscle strength and re-shape your body.

 FitSteps is a fun way to get fit whilst learning ballroom and Latin moves.

I absolutely love and look forward to each class and as a mum of two lively young boys, I find it the perfect way to unwind.  I have recently lost 1.5 stone and feel great.  The classes are great fun and I have made lots of lovely and very supportive friends.

Simon is always full of energy and enthusiasm and in addition to teaching his many classes each week, he organises fundraising fitness fun days and Zumbathons.  This is a fabulous way to bring other like-minded people and instructors together whilst supporting local charities.

Thank you SpiriFit,

Carolyn– Stokesley,’

I have been going to Simon’s Zumba classes at Stokesley Leisure Centre since he very first started and I love it!  Simon is a brilliant instructor full of fun and enthusiasm, the workouts we do are exhilarating and effective and we dance to the most fabulous pieces of music.

I’ve met some lovely people who are great fun, witty and exceptionally talented and together we have a great time!”

Andrea, Stokesley

When I walked into my first Zumba class at Stokesley Leisure Centre in March 2011 – I was confronted with a class full of people, all laughing, all eagerly awaiting the start of the session. I hadn’t got a clue what to do or what was going on but Simon switched on the music and his microphone and guided us all through the steps of every dance.  I shimmied, I samba’d, I tangoed, I salsa’d and did a bit of hip shaking Bollywood action while I was at it!

Up until then my exercise routine consisted of a bit of swimming and visiting the gym occasionally.  I was not a fan of exercise and did not enjoy it.  However, I finally found something that I not only loved, I was totally won over by the energy, talent and enthusiasm of Simon’s teaching.  He made every class fun, the music was energising the atmosphere uplifting and I finally found an exercise I could actually stick to!  Since then I have only missed the occasional weekend when the Leisure Centre has been closed or I have been away on holiday but otherwise I would not miss those classes for the world.  I have not only made a lot of new friends, they have also helped me to control my weight, raise my fitness levels, raise my spirits and send me on my way with a smile on my face ready to face anything the world can throw at me!

Christine, Great Ayton

“Zumba with Simon Keay, an hour of music, giggles and a fab workout without you realizing it!”

Maggie, Stockton

I would like to thank you, Simon, for delivering fantastic Zumba classes that are energetic, fun and leaves me smiling from start to finish. A fun way to keep fit that I would recommend to all ages! Although I’m still a novice to FitSteps, your tutor skills are second to none for another fat busting regime that again leaves you sweating!  Thanks again!

Tracey, Stockton

Simon is absolutely fantastic in helping out putting Zumba performances together to help Tesco raise money for our charity of Diabetes UK and also when raising money for Cancer Research UK’s Race For Life. He gave his time freely and it was amazing to do something like Zumba to get people involved to raise money for a good cause.

Terri, Stockton

Simon is a fantastic Zumba instructor after only 8 sessions I lost 4 inches off my waist. His classes are fun and give the results you want. I never knew exercise could be so much fun.

FitSteps is fabulous a mix of exercise and ballroom dancing – fabulous fun and great work all rolled in to one and Simon is fantastic at what he does and has a lot of patience with new people who have no co-ordination like me, lol. Cheers bud

Dawn, Thornaby

I have only done FitSteps but totally love your energy and enthusiasm and myself and the ladies I bring felt welcome from the minute we came by you and all your lovely daytime ladies. I would come more often but running the gym and teaching my classes leaves little time to travel from Darlington. Anyone thinking of trying a class, don’t think just do!”

 Sue, Darlington

” I have been going to Simon’s fun and entertaining Fit Steps for over a year. Simon who is our instructor has a great ability to show off the dance moves and we all try our best to follow him. I had never tried ball room dance before and found the class very welcoming and fun to be in. Over the weeks we are trying more new steps and moves and who knows I may become a dancer yet!”